Architecture requires us to look further than the materiality of an individual building, to its impact on the wider built environment and it effects our lives, interactions and emotions

Matthew obtained first class honours in MArch [Master of Architecture] from the University of Westminster, where he was heavily influenced by conceptual and material experimentation. He focused on the relationship between film and architecture and effect they have on the urban and social development of a city. This cumulated with his thesis, The (re)-imagined spaces of New York City, which looked at Film Noir’s influences on New York City’s urban development.

Matthew’s interest in making and experimentation has followed into his professional architectural career where he has worked on a variety of projects across all scales, from furniture design to large scale residential projects, where his knowledge of materials, model fabrication, and eye for detail have been hugely influential. 

Outside of architecture Matthew is a passionate photographer and continues to explore the impact that architecture has on the built environment though his camera lens.